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2022 7th International Conference on Systems, Control and Communications


Chongqing, China | October 14-16, 2022



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Best Presentation's Awards


Technical Session 1

Presenter: Longjie Yu, TCL Communication (Ningbo) Co., Ltd, China

Paper title: A Novel Multi-Band Integrated Antenna Design in 5G Full Screen Mobile Phone

Technical Session 2

Presenter: Tong Ye, Xiamen University, China

Paper title: Service Function Chain Orchestration in 6G Software Defined Satellite-Ground Integrated Networks

Technical Session 3

Presenter: Zhang Jing, Communication University of China, China

Paper title: The Design and Research of Cross-media Retrieval

Technical Session 4

Presenter: Luo Senwen, China Telecom Corp. Ltd., China

Paper title: Research on Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Assessment of Co-construction and Sharing 5G Network

Technical Session 5

Presenter: Jian Yi, Changchun University of Technology, China

Paper title: Application of Fusion Model of 3D-ResNeXt and Bi-LSTM Network in Alzheimer's Disease Classification