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Invited Speaker






Prof. Yutaka Hirakawa,

Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan

Speech Title: Brief history of the text password authentication methods


Abstract: This talk will provide a brief history of the text password authentication methods. There are several types of authentication methods, such as those using the fingerprint, face, iris, and vein. Text authentication generally does not require any special facility and is sometimes used as a recovery method when other types of authentication fail. Historically, there have been three stages of development of authentication methods. The first stage solved shoulder surfing, and the discussed techniques were intended to avoid obtaining the password by observing an authentication operation. The techniques discussed in the second and third stages were developed to avoid obtaining passwords by camera-recording attacks. Currently, almost everyone has a smartphone with a camera function. Also, several security cameras are installed in cities and towns. Thus, our daily life is video-recorded without our notice. The password candidates can be easily obtained when the authentication operations are video-recorded and analyzed. In the second stage, the operations were assumed to be video-recorded twice, whereas the authentication operations were assumed to be video-recorded multiple times in the third stage.






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