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Address: No.66, Qingnian Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, China


Tel: +86 023-63666666



Glenview ITC PLAZA Chongqing is the first five-star business hotel of Glenview International Brand in Greater China. A 40-storey skyscraper towering over the thriving metropolis of Jiefangbei in Downtown Chongqing, the heart of city’s main shopping and commercial district, and walking distance to major office towers and Central Entertainment District. It is comfortable and convenient.


The hotel's rooms provide a bird's eye view of the bustling city center and the bright night view of the Yangtze River. The "Sixth Sense" western restaurant feels global gourmet cuisine and authentic Bayu flavors; the most elegant "Mountain City Image" Chinese restaurant in Chongqing combines local characteristics and Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine; the elegant "Binrus Wine Cellar" offers strong coffee and colorful cocktails And exquisite snacks; the special Grand Tea House, full of elegant and artistic atmosphere, is an ideal meeting place for business elites.




By Drive:


• Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport-34 minutes-距离江北国际机场约34分钟车程

• Chongqingbei Railway Station-22 minutes-距离重庆北站约22分钟车程

• Chongqing Railway Station-11 minutes-距离重庆火车站约11分钟车程

• Chongqing Railway Station-11 minutes-距离重庆火车站约11分钟车程

• Guanyinqiao pedestrian street-20 minutes-距离观音桥步行街约20分钟车程


By Walking:


• Jiefangbei-6 minutes-距离解放碑约6分钟路程

• Hong Ya Dong-6 minutes-距离洪崖洞约6分钟路程

• Sub-line two Linjiangmen station-3 minutes-距离临江门轻轨站约3分钟路程

• Sub-line one/two Jiaochangkou station-4 minutes-距离较场口轻轨站约4分钟路程